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ICDExpert.net is often asked what physicians should be doing to prepare for ICD-10. Our answer is simple:

  1. Identify gaps in clinical documentation.
  2. Understand how to improve the diagnostic statement.
  3. Practice improved documentation starting today.

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ICD-10-CM documentation assessment

One key to being ready for the ICD-10-CM transition is increasing specificity in the diagnostic statement to reduce practitioner/provider inquiry and increase coding efficiency. If documentation is not improved, accurate coding and proper payment will not be possible.

Practitioner documentation assessments will identify where the gaps exist currently, so they can be improved upon prior to the implementation of ICD-10-CM. There will be a higher level of specificity in the diagnostic statement required for coding ICD-10-CM and now is the time to start preparing.

Assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive review of ten records by ICDExpert.net team
  • ICD-9-CM code assignments reviewed to determine if the documentation is adequate for the assigned code based on the ICD-9-CM coding guidelines
  • Determine if the necessary specificity for ICD-10-CM exists in your documentation
  • Detailed reports
  • Results, recommendations and insights delivered by phone.

Cost: $400 per practitioner/provider

Call 877-413-ICD-10 to set up an assessment for your practice/provider(s).